Border One 

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Seventeen-year-old Analyn needs to know why her boyfriend was killed. Only when her anger creates a storm does she learn she is Diwata, a deity with a direct line to nature. Every fear, joy, or hint of frustration she feels is influencing the world around her, and she must quickly learn to harness her new power. The fastest way to do that is to understand her boyfriend's death.
Analyn's plan goes awry when she learns he was killed by the pantheon of Diwata to kick-start her abilities. The Diwata are fighting a war, and want to use her against a rebel force struggling for freedom. She joins the rebellion instead, training under the powerful rebel leader, Tala, who promises to bring Analyn justice. The more she learns, the stronger Analyn becomes. The stronger she becomes, the more demands Tala seems to have for her. What originally seemed like a desire to help Analyn now appears to be a zealous thirst for victory that Tala will stop at nothing to win - even using Analyn against the Diwata and, possibly, hiding her own guilt in the murder.

The Virginity Thief. 

When Mari Abdo is forced by her parents to move to town, everyone in her new school is in awe of her up and coming movie star status. But Mari’s opinion of the slow farming town is less than kind… especially after she is rejected by the first boy she is attracted to, Adam, and discovers he is part of the school’s elite club of male virgins.

Determined to prove to Adam that no man can stay a virgin long, Mari employs the help of a few fellow students to bring down the virginity club. Each is given the name of a member to seduce and destroy, and for herself Mari takes the hardest case; Adam, the newest club member who has something to prove. But try as she might, even Mari cannot get Adam to give her more than passing glances, even if they are directed at her chest. He is more interested in digging into her past and asking personal questions that Mari just doesn’t have time for.

Even as Adam gets too personal, and not in the right way at all, Mari discovers the club is no more than a gimmick to get what it is supposedly against. When she cares more about how this news affects Adam than how it impacts her own game, she needs to reevaluate her feelings for this slow-town boy.