About Rachel

Rachel "Race" Mercaldo was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where she spent the majority of her time sleeping. When she was not napping, she was a college student, casino cash-counter, waitress, and even an advertising saleswoman, ad copy writer, and personality for her radio station's Saturday morning show. When she was napping, she was probably doing so in the family home, where she lived with her mother and their crazy-but-sweet Newfoundland and a feisty Tibetan Terrier.

Now, Race is in Georgia. Georgia has armadillos. Race likes armadillos, so she might stick around.

Race's first story was told back in PA, in second grade, when she wrote the tale of a young princess captured by a "bad man" who lived in a dark castle. The princess was, of course, saved by a knight. The story ended with the princess and the knight in a tree surrounded by yelping dogs, and Race has never finished the story. In the tree they stay. New stories came and went  until she wrote The Virginity Thief (Learn more by clicking "writings"). Rachel decided to seek representation to get Mari Abdo's story out to the world and, while VT hasn't sold, Race is determined. She is working on her latest project, tentatively entitled Encantada.

Also: she likes viruses and you can pretty much ask her anything about Ebola. She watches too much Futurama, and would love to own an African Grey one day (which is in no way related to her watching too much Futurama).