Border One

April 7, 2017

My latest work of art is currently under the working title of "Border One." I feel like I stole this from "Rogue One" but I am also fairly certain I didn't know what Rogue One was until yesterday.

I've been out of the movie loop lately.

But this title coincidence has gotten me thinking about Border One and how so many of our ideas are influenced by the world around us. I should really say that *all* of our ideas are influenced by the world around us. The brain is incapable of just creating things out of thin air. It needs a backbone to build upon.

If this draft of Border One were out on shelves today and you picked it up at your nearest book store, you'd probably think it was outlined in response to this past election cycle. It was actually cooking in my head long before Trump and Hillary engaged in epic battle, but that will be hard to see when we have more recent "border" news at the front of our minds.

So what inspired Encantada? It was a combination of things, really. I had read a novel based heavily on Roman mythology. I was taking an ecology class. I wondered why Greek and Roman gods were so famous, and why no one really talked about the legends of other cultures. I Googled. I Googled a lot. I found out about the Diwata and I combined it with my ecology professor's rants.

Going back to what originally inspired the novel is a huge boost. As query rejection dejection begins to take over, it has been a great help to remember why the story is important to me and how exciting it was to craft each plot detail. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

I seriously recommend going back and remembering why you felt your story was worth starting. Particularly when the writer's block hits, it can be the bump that knocks you out of the rut!