Science Round-up

February 10, 2017

For the curious and the bored, here is awesome science to brighten your day!

First, take a look here, for a quick article on a new rapid test for Ebola! Tests like these employ your natural antibodies (little proteins that use your blood like the subway). When you have Ebola, your body quickly sends specific antibodies to flag cells that have become infected with the virus. A test that detects how many Ebola-specific antibodies you're churning out is a great way to detect if you're infected. Sadly, you may not create enough such antibodies until you are more advanced in the disease. Scientists are on the case!

Here is an article entitled Smashing Gold Ions Creates Most Swirly Fluid Ever. I love it, because it is a prime example of when science moves forward because an investigator thought "let's hit it and see what happens."

Have you heard of DeepMind? It's been part of Google since 2014, and they do great work with AI - artificial intelligence. They wanted to know if two independent AIs could cooperate and work together, and tested the idea in a new study. The test was based on a famous component of game theory called prisoner's dilemma. You can read about it here.

There you are! A top-3 sciencey list to keep your brain twirling all night. Enjoy!