The Wonderful World of Race...

September 11, 2016

It is September 11, Patriot Day. Today we remember, and today we send out our love to the families who can never forget.

Sometimes I think about the ridiculous nature of all my little issues in life. Things like "got a rejection letter today" don't seem too bad when compared to plane hijackings and terrorist activity. It is so easy to think we are being martyred at every drop of the hat, when in reality life just stinks sometimes, and we don't actually understand what martyrdom is.

So when I came here I was going to start chatting about submissions and grad school and the fact it hasn't rained in awhile which is actually good because now I don't have to pay to get the grass cut and so on and so forth (that's a run on sentence and, look, it keeps going...), but now I'm feeling rather low about this plan. There are more important things going on.

The Wonderful World of Race is a magical place where babies laugh and flowers bloom and everyone talks about science and fiction all day (not necessarily Science Fiction, but maybe sometimes). It is the place in my head where I have this awesome boyfriend and lots of shoes, know how to make all my Pinterest recipes, even the cheesecakes, and I've already earned my PhD. Even better, we can drink all the wine we want and never get beyond pleasantly drunk - the happy drunk that never leads to hangovers.

Nobody dies in the Wonderful World of Race. If we don't like somebody, we tickle them.

Every day, I wake up and enter the Real World, which is a terrible place very different from The WWoR. Babies cry, and people shoot people instead of tickling them, and idiots pretend It's A Wonderful Life isn't the best movie ever. Tomorrow is Monday, and I won't be able to ignore the Real World. I'll stumble out early enough to finish my homework before class and wonder why I didn't do it the night before, and then I'll sign on to the internet and get hit with terrible news of some variety.

This is a sad posting, because it is the 9/11 posting, and because we all have sadness to face. But tomorrow I will get to go home and go back to sleep. And I'll dream about WWoR. And someday I WILL have my PhD, and E will be on shelves, and I'll have lots of money somehow and I'll sprinkle it all over the world.

... dreams, people!