The Race Round-up

February 29, 2016

Once again, I disappeared - then reappeared! What was Race doing when she wasn't blogging? It may be difficult to believe, but I'm still trying to be a productive human being - the going isn't good. I tend to sleep too much. I've decided my favorite activity is sleeping, and then I eat when I'm awake to make the time until I can go to bed go by much faster.
I look like a blimp, but otherwise this actually works for me.
But! In case you were actually curious about how life has been for me, I figured I could share some deets.

1. I am lazy.

I know. Pretty obvious. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you probably saw the status I posted a few days ago. If not, here it is.

Behold my brilliance!
Photographic Evidence of my Laziness

Now, this is true laziness, I know. And I'm thankful that most people didn't believe me. But I'm ready to prove it with photographic evidence (to the left).

I am almost proud of myself, actually. Because, today, when I was on my morning video-conference meeting, I discovered a new use for these cups. A perfect camera stand!

Now, I know that I have terrible taste in coffee (I call myself the Queen of Gas Station Coffee - a dubious title with questionable responsibility). I can't stand Starbucks and, though I take my coffee black normally, I have to order fancy sugary drinks if I dare enter the local coffee shop. I only ask that you do not judge me too harshly. I have frail feelings.

It's code, okay?
2. Grad school awesomeness.

I got into grad school! Woooooooo! Say hello to the next great grad student to suffer silently in front of the computer and to once again live in a small apartment and eat Ramen (or the gluten-free alternative).

Since I'm not 100% certain I should be sharing all the details, I will just have to insist that you wait for them. So...

More details to follow.

3. Encantada.

I got the best wave of inspiration ever since first discovering the Diwata legend. It has been revolutionary, and that isn't an exaggeration. Lots of scenes are being added and I finally feel as though I'm doing justice to Analyn's incredible story.  Whoop writing!

I've also been joining some friends (those I met whilst snooping at AbsoluteWrite) in writing in the afternoon/evenings and supporting each other through it all. Amazing how company can make everyone more productive!

4. I started another blog.

I know. I can barely keep this one going. Why would I start another? The answer is that this new one is about Science! I was homeschooled, and my mother did an awesome job of teaching me and my brothers about the natural world, preparing me for college (and now grad school).

Whenever anyone finds out I was homeschooled, they usually have the same questions. One of those is bound to be "but how did you learn science?" This new blog seeks to answer that question by tackling topics in science in ways appropriate for first grade on through graduation (or even college).

You can find it all at Homeschooling Science, a blog that will hopefully be updated soon as well. ;)

And... that's it. That's my life. I coded an .html markdown file in R last night and I'm inordinately proud of myself. I am drinking from yet another coffee cup. Otherwise, life is pretty boring today. So, I shall sign off, do that thing called "work" and then maybe prepare a Sciencey post!

With love and hugs,