New Year, with Goals!

January 2, 2016

It feels like yesterday. I sat (probably not in this seat) and started another blog post much like this. In it, I declared myself resolution-free.

"I will not make goals!" I declared.

"Resolutions are for dummies!" I said.

"I have no self-control!" I admitted.

Maybe this will be the year for goals. For some reason, 2016 feels different. And no, I don't say that every year.

In any case, it feels like its time for a writing update. E is going splendid. With the help of an amazing editor named Amanda Foody (find her here. Do it now - she's awesome), I've got the story line revamped and sorted. It feels right and good and I believe this means excellence will happen. I also purchased Scrivener! It was the best gift-to-myself I could have chosen during the holiday season.

I shall tell you my major goal for 2016:

Get E finished, polished, and repped. Yay writing goals! Oh, and get into grad school...

So, 2016 better be different!

Love and hugs,