End of the Month Crazy-Time

July 31, 2015

If you are anything like me, you have goals. Sometimes, those goals are wrapped up in schedules and deadlines, with horrible or over-blown consequences if they aren't reached by their end-dates.

For example, taking the GRE. I have this goal that I'll be in the top 90th percentile. The deadline for this is, well, the date of the GRE (this coming Tuesday for you stalkers). I created a study plan last week and scheduled each moment of my evenings and weekends around my goal. After all, with only a bit over a week to go, it made sense to push writing and querying and showering and eating out of the way.

I'm here to say that I have failed miserably. I didn't even complete Day One as hoped. Instead, I napped. I'm one of those people that has so much to do I fall asleep instead of doing it. It's the ultimate defensive weapon:

"Rachel, we command that you come forth to die."
"Rach.... she's asleep again, sir."

If you sleep through life, life can't hurt you at all! You can't even remember your own disappointment in yourself. Unless you dream, and let's not get into all those horrible "Oh my gosh I didn't study for this test" nightmares I had in college.

It just happens that my goal kinda coincides with the beginning of a new month. But every other month you can be sure I have goals focused on the 1st. By the 1st I'll eat all my vegetables. By the 1st I'll stop editing this book over and over. By the 1st I'll lose 10 pounds and get a boyfriend and become a doctor.

I'm not the most patient of people, and so I am easily discouraged. When the 1st of whichever month I'm on comes around and my goals aren't attained, I nap and eat lots of ice cream. And I don't hesitate to come back from that with a determination to not only reach last month's goal but this month's goal as well.

Right now I'm trying to reach about 6 months worth of goals, and I have a day to do it. Instead of studying, I'm blogging. Instead of studying, I'll probably edit tonight. Instead of studying, I'll go out for fro-yo. When is fro-yo not appropriate?

If you are anything like me, feel comfort in the fact you aren't alone. Maybe we can meet, become fast friends, and take turns urging each other onward with electric cattle prods.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go back to work since lunch is over and I have this thing called a job that sucks the life out of me and makes my actual goals seem impossible. Yay sales!