Do NOT Let People Do This To You

When I first envisioned this blog post, it was long and deep and inspiring.

But now I've realized that is doesn't have to be. The message I want to give you all is really simple and doesn't take a whole page of my ramblings. It was inspired by my finding this image on a random Facebook page.

Basically, all I want to say is:

Don't let people drag you down.

I've had people tell me I wasn't good enough, smart enough, creative enough. I've had friends give me that "oh she's so cute, thinking she can do this" look. I know how it feels to have both the people who love you and complete strangers make you feel like the scum of the earth.

In the end you have to look into yourself and think about you and what you need in your life and let that guide you. People who bring you down are not the people you need to listen to.

Love and Hugs and Support for all your talents,