Writing Update

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Even if I try to forget about it and study, writing barges in and makes me want nothing more than to sit up all night at my desk and type random words into a document. The writing bug usually hits at the most unfortunate times (like when I need to study for an exam), and then disappears when it would be great to have some inspiration (on breaks or, like, this summer).

I learned a long time ago that I needed to have more control over my writing immune system. This summer, I think I've finally learned how. I keep working towards my goal, writing in the evenings even when it is not totally convenient. But what I've discovered is that it only takes a few moments to get me into the groove. The writing becomes less of a chore and more of a joy in those minutes, and I go back to wanting to stay up all night and write.

Obviously, life gets in the way some times. Some nights, all I want to do is sleep. I guess the secret there is to not beat myself up about it and to continue with my routine as I can.

And so, where am I now? I'm about a tenth of the way towards completing the epic novel of epicness that I've been dying to write since my second year at Behrend. When it is complete and I begin editing, I'll post a snippet for you all!

Love and hugs and support for your goals,