Random Writing Tools

So I'd like you all to know, before I dish on the writing, that we totally missed the celebration of this blog's 300th post!

Yes, the last post was the official 300th post of "Rachel Mercaldo and the random assortment of crap," otherwise known as "the dabbler blog" or "Race talks about stuff and junk."

Let us celebrate with pizza and hot dogs and fireworks! For we are young and had enough time in our lives so far to write/read 300 blog posts!

Now, onto the business of this post, which is simply to share with you all something I found on Pinterest (not that I admit to being sucked into that site). This nifty little guide has been an amazing help for describing the clothing worn in my new WIP!

There, that's an odd little teaser for you.

So, what guide is it? The guide to skirts, of course!

Enjoy, and utilize in your own writing.


Race out