Random Day: Mesh Sponge Facts and Safety!

This blog is pretty random already (and you know you love it!), but I've decided it is officially time to resurrect Random Day!

Today, I was randomly contemplating sponges. In particular, I was considering the mesh sponge and wondering why people called it a sponge at all...  or a loofah (luffa) at that.

Biology Race would like to begin this post by pointing out some important factoids, using photos available via google search (aka, stolen from the web).


is not a luffa or a sponge.

This is a luffa:

This is a sponge:

Now, the bright orange meshy things above will hereby be called meshy things. I think they are sometimes known as a mesh pouf, but that is too hard.

The factoid: they are not natural sponges from the sea nor the cucumber-looking vegetables with a fibrous matrix like the luffa. They are very fake. But they also hold soap very well and help in the lathering business, and so fulfill an important role in life.

And so, without further ado, we shall celebrate the meshy things.

Below are a sample of photos to help us in appreciation of these objects.

All of these photos come from a search of "mesh pouf" on google images. But other things pop up as well. For example, wreaths.

I guess you could say I bathe with wreaths every day.

Now comes the important part of this post. You, as a person. Myself, as a person. We are covered in bacteria and fungi. And when we use our awesome meshy things, we get those bacterial dudes and the fungal spores all over it. So, as my musing in the shower went, we need to be careful about when we throw out and replace our meshy things.

First, make sure to rinse and dry your meshy things! Meshy things are safer, in a way, than the natural luffas and sponges due to the fact they dry faster. Take advantage of that and don't leave it on the bottom of the tub to soak in your leftover bath water. Hang it somewhere after a good rinsing and let it air dry.

On top of that, it is best to replace them like every month. This is recommended by dermatologists, and they went to school for a long time to understand these things.

So there you have it. The results of my musings and internet searches. Random photos, facts, and recommendations - a true Random Day Post! I hope you enjoyed!

Love and hugs and poufs,