Obsessions of the week

I am one of those people that can't stop herself.

For example: If I eat one chip, I eat the whole bag. (Or does everyone do that?)

I do the same thing with music, books, YouTube videos, Buzzfeed, and Rage Comics.

In order to let you into my brain and also to maybe try to defend myself to myself, I wanted to share with you all just how obsessed I am lately with stuff and things. It is less a top-10 list and more a "oh my gosh shoot me now because I keep watching YouTube and forgetting to eat" list. Also, there are less than 10 things. Look at me - counting!

1. Nerdy Nummies on YouTube

     Yes, I'm late to this party. Don't blame me - blame college! Well-aware of my obsessive personality and the fact that I always had something due the next day, I tended to avoid really popular channels/individuals on the YouTubes and try to watch less exciting things. Now that I'm free, I've started watching whatever random Nerdy Nummies videos pop up.

2. theedexitvideo on YouTube

    Not a favorite for everyone, but if you are pre-med or medically inclined, you need to watch these awesome videos. For example, learn how to interpret an EKG!

3. Bananas Dipped in Chocolate

    Really no explanation needed. Just awesomeness. I can't get enough of these. Maybe it is the chilly delicious banana. Maybe it is the luscious dark chocolate. Who knows! Take a look at the awesomeness (stolen from random google search).

    Try these awesome things! Two involve food so yay that!

Love and Hugs and Bananas,