My brain is weird and life is weirder

Maybe I should blog again.

Maybe I shouldn't.

Maybe I could write a poem... 

Maybe I couldn't....

I have no clue what I'm doing. That is the basic mantra of my life right now, now that I've graduated college with my shiny degree and I'm both applying to graduate/medical school and searching for a job to keep up with my crazy spending problems while said applications simmer.

No one seems to want to hire me, which is both a painful and wonderful experience. Who doesn't want to sleep in all day and write all night? That was my dream while I studied in college, suffering with exams and papers. I'm finally writing my most-awesomest-book-ever and I love it. That should be enough.

At the same time, who wants to wake up in the morning and be all "Ugh, I'm still not a queen" and "I have no life"? No one.

I feel like Liam Neeson - I have a particular set of skills. Not the killing awesome kind, and I'm no movie star, but I can do some odd things. I can write a novel, for example. I can write a short story. I can write an email. Jury is still out on whether or not I can write a blog post.

I can answer phones and smile at people.

I can also plate bacterial samples and play with fire from Bunsen burners (safely!). I can extract DNA and titrate and mix chemicals without exploding them. I can set up a sequencing plate and I even know what that means.

So, people should hire me for stuff and nonsense, since I'm seriously the coolest person ever. But they don't.

I'll just be on Facebook I guess, pretending I'm good at Kitchen Scramble. I'll also be writing. Because, come on, life is good when you are writing.

Oh, and hello again bloggersphere. I guess I'm back.

First random post in awhile! Yay!

Race out.