I Made Enchiladas...

... and they turned out okay!

I love cooking. I love baking. I pretty much love anything that involves chemical reactions resulting in delicious food product.

As I am also a lover of Mexican cuisine and, in particular, enchiladas, I knew I had to try and create these tasty nom-packages myself. I found a recipe! I had a dream! But I sadly did not have all of the ingredients for the tasty enchilada sauce. I was saved by a grocery trip  and, even more importantly, tasty delicious packaged enchilada sauce. Why make my own when I could rip open a bag? It didn't sit well with my love of cooking and experience sauce-making, but I also knew it would be the easiest method for a first try.

Let me just tell you that the enchiladas were delicious.  I chose chicken and cheese for the filling, deciding to mix them together because why have one thing when you can have two? Covered in the delicious sauce, these enchiladas were the most amazing enchiladas I've ever eaten.

Below, I shall share with you a delicious enchilada photo. You can't eat it, but it can inspire you to make your own amazing Mexican-inspired nom-packages.

                          Tex-Mex Dinner


Love and hugs and enchiladas,