New Year - New YOU

First off - if you are typing a post title into Blogger and hit "tab," it should take you immediately to the post editing box, not "publish."

I think a New Year's resolution for Blogger would be to fix this issue. However, I imagine they have bigger problems on their hands.

As for me, I went without resolutions this year - again. My attitude is "do, don't wish" and "there is no try" and all those other intense get-your-butt-in-gear feelings. But how have I actually spent the first 4 days of 2014?

Eating way too much.
 I know it is the holidays, but come on. You don't have to eat ice cream and pie after every meal or in place of meals. Not that I'm judging anyone else that does this - but for me it isn't such a great look.

Not studying.
  Yeah, it is break. Yes, as an RA I have a shorter break than other students. Yes, I should be sleeping a lot as much as I can for this shorter break. But I am also a pre-med student. And as my professors tend to say in their "I'm judging you now" tone, I should stop considering myself "pre-med" and consider myself a legitimate doctor. This means putting aside petty desires like sleep and living the life of medicine. This also means I should probably study for the MCAT. And two chapters of the Kaplan Physics book for an entire break isn't exactly exemplary.

Not writing.
  Repeat after me: watching copious amounts of Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas movies is not writing research.
  There is no way to justify this one. I just have not been writing, when I actually have the perfect excuse to finally do so - break! And I cannot blame a lack of creativity. I am still fully engrossed in my story, loving it more than any story I've ever written. And yet, I am still a sloth in my mother's house, complaining about so much as having to turn my laptop on myself and slinking to the kitchen for more pie and sleeping all the time.

Maybe it will all improve after break, when I get back into a little thing called "routine" and don't find myself waking up in time for late lunch or early dinner and then decide to take a nap.

Until then, I can push myself a bit more to try to take on life before returning to Behrend. But no expectations.

So, here is to a great 2014 for all of us! May your resolutions be working out and may you feel less sloth-like than me!