While I am at school I tend to be absorbed in schoolwork. That means biology and chemistry and, occasionally, statistics. I do research with a professor here in the microbiology department, and spend a lot of time chilling with the microbes in lab. Maybe that is why I found the following article so exciting.

But you have to admit, the word "bizarre" is quite catchy. You all have to want to know about bizarre microbial life, right?

The article can be found here: linksies. If you want to read it or are even minorly interested, goooo. But if you just want the gist... some bizarre microbes were discovered in a cave in the desert. And, honestly, while I'm geeking out over here, I have to admit that they aren't all that bizarre. Yes, they live in an extreme environment - but hey, they are microbes. That is sort of what they do quite often.

But! These guys are particularly interesting as they appear to exist without a lot of carbon sources (Carbon being a really cool element that helps you be who you are, and not so much a gas floating through the air), and they live off whatever floats in the water that trickles down to their cave. The hermit life works for them, and that in itself is quite cool.

As the article says, this discovery applies to our search for alien life on other planets. Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe in alien bacteria? Why the heck not? It took us 134 years to figure out there was a new body part, chances are there are alien bacteria we haven't found yet.

In other space news, here are 5 spacey projects that are being worked on now... from solar power plants on the moon to actual green-leafy plants being grown on the moon to 3D printouts of food.

Now... I just realized I've spent an hour looking at articles rather than doing actual schoolwork. Total fail. I should go, but read up on the links! They are awesome!

Love and Hugs and Microbes,