How I've felt lately

I've had this nagging feeling lately. It usually strikes as I scroll through Facebook, but sometimes it hits when I am watching TV or listening to the radio (only while I'm in the car. Nobody has time for the radio outside of the car).

The feeling is basically this... people talk a lot. They offer their opinion a lot. And usually they are idiots.

As I explained to a friend via chat just a few minutes ago, very few people actually know what they are talking about. I'm like 100% sure I'm the only one with valid opinions in this world. And my friend's reply to this observation? "Yes, you are always right."

I don't think she was being sarcastic, either.

But, in an effort to be serious, I will just entreat you all to address each other with respect, even during an argument. There is absolutely no reason to become angry or bitter towards each other, even over the most important of topics. Remember that it is Christmas, and even the Grinch can change during Christmas. So be a Who and kill with kindness.