A solemn vow to all who read this dramatic post...

Sometime life flips us upside down. It takes us and shakes us or maybe wrings us like a wet rag until we scream.

That didn't happen to me. At all. My life gave me this slow boil, kind of like the science experiment with the frog. I didn't know I was in trouble until I was loaded with 22 credits, bothered by a breakup and my weight, living the life of a sorority president, club treasurer, and resident assistant who was studying to take the MCAT and sleep at some point. I sat back one day and wondered "what the hell am I doing?"

Normally I'd say "heck" on the blog, not "hell." I apologize for that. But maybe that is something that did get flipped around. Maybe I'm more bitter (bitterer) now. My entire outlook on life has changed - but maybe it is for the better!

So, you see, this blog is going to change up a bit. I'm actually going to post, because it won't be a chore anymore. If you follow this blog, don't follow it because you were part of some old writing group or felt like I reviewed books or something. For a long time, I only posted if I felt I had something interesting and writing-related to say. Now, I'll probably post whatever, whenever. And I'll talk about my writing, because I do write, but I would say this blog is going to be less about writing and more about Race.

My whole life is going to get to be more about Race - and less about expectations that have been placed on me. For the writing aspect - I am going to write what I want to write, if it be genre bending, genre crashing, or just a complete non-saleable item. Since I was 16, I've written "to sell" and more recently I've even written books that I could not seriously take pride in or even admit to an interest in, all because I found myself in a rut I'd dug for myself. Now I've dug myself out and I'm allowing myself the time to write something I care about, not a fast romance or easy sell.

So if you are along for the ride, yay! If not, no hard feelings. I understand completely. With the way Blogger is set up, I expect most of you don't know you even "follow" or "like" me, so it's all good in any case. But to any loyal readers that have followed me from the beginning: I hope the change-up doesn't bother you.

Now, this was all rather dramatic, as promised in the title, and probably over absolutely nothing. So I'll say we just go back to regularly schedule programming (whatever that may be).