That awkward moment when you are a writer and you spell something wrong and don't know about it for days....

The title says it all.

You: a writer. Hopefully successful at spelling things.

    Holy moley the Bachelorette kisses EVERYONE on this show.

You: a grammar-nazi on FB, who silently (hopefully) judges everyone else and their typos.

    If she doesn't stop kissing all these guys, they are all going to be REALLY confused.

You: the person that texted the other person and used the word "sheilds" instead of "shields."

Stupid typo. That is all. But I didn't realize I did that until just now and I'm wondering if the other person is thinking I really don't know how to spell shield... the other person is smart too and now I feel smallish.

Also, I hate "The Bachelorette." Why am I doing this to myself?