The Writing Playlist

Every writing friend I know has a playlist. Back when they were in highschool, they had the time to make a playlist for every book (not that only highschoolers have times for these things, but in regards to the specific people I'm thinking of, this is true). I always had trouble matching songs to my writing. I might find a single song that fit the book perfectly, but then it went downhill from there.

I also have a problem with getting distracted by music. I follow the lyrics and lose track of what sentence I was writing or even why I sat down at my desk to begin with. If I turn the music on first, I might not even make it to opening up the Word document.

A recent thought morphed into a plan, however, to find a type of music that fit my book and my writing mood and actually helped me write instead of holding me back. I procrastinated on FB for awhile, under the guise of asking friends what sort of music they suggested. I got a couple of responses: Dubstep, classical, electronic.... but none of the suggestions were what I eventually settled on.

So, guys - movie scores are legitly the most awesome writing music in the world. All you do is type in a few composers names into Pandora and the brilliance never stops. It can get you into the mood of almost any scene and setting. I wrote about my MC taking a shower to a song from Pirates of the Caribbean and it became the greatest shower EVER. It is amazing how many things can happen in a shower...

get your minds out of the gutter.

The point is - I've found my writing playlist. And, no, it isn't going to change from book to book. But if it gets the job done, I'm perfectly happy with that.

Here is to all those great composers! I owe several thousand words to them already.