Just a minor obsession...

I am mad at my mother again. After years avoiding my addiction, she has once again managed to suck me into it. One would think that mothers are supposed to be supportive, and not attempt to ruin their daughters' lives. But my mother attacked when I was weakest (bored) by turning on the TV. The happy tune that alerted me to the presence of Dancing with the Stars blared out, and my heart shriveled.

I thought I got completely addicted, again, and watched with my mother until this past Monday and Tuesday (semifinals), when I realized I wasn't really addicted until I watched Val and Zendaya do the Hip-Hop:


Of course, along the way there were other moments, like when Tristan wore guyliner so well:

But the fact is - this show is amazing. I don't even like the dancing as much as I like the people - seeing the interactions between the stars and professional dancers. I love the hosts (of course) and the judges. In short, I get all writerly and start loving the characters more than the action, like I always do when I read a good book. I guess it is okay to have one or two minor obsessions, especially when they are only on TV twice a week...

I won't mention all my other obsessions, though. Because I honestly have way more than one or two.