New Year - No Goals!

Happy New-ish Year, dear readers! I'm not going to apologize for not posting a new year's blog until the 4th, because I'm sure you've all been partying too much to notice anyhow. I, personally, have been too ill to read blogs (dratted cold, ruining my stalking time). I was also too ill to even consider "new year's resolutions." I was too busy trying to breathe.

One must admit, though, that even while focusing on important aspects of life such as breathing, we can still make smart decisions. My decision to not make goals for 2013 has turned out wonderfully well. By the 4th! Only 4 days into the year and I'm already happy with it. Why? Not just because the world didn't end in 2012. That was actually kind of disappointing.

For one thing, I've survived my cold. I still can't breathe perfectly well, but I've learned to stop taking un-congested nasal passages for granted.
For another, all the chocolate is GONE. I reached that point of "may all the food go away so I can starve, already!" on the 26th of December. I'm pretty sure I was sick of food on Christmas, but Christmas is meant to be a happy time so I pushed those negative thoughts away. But the daily nausea because more and more people were presenting me with Whitman's Samplers, Russell Stovers, Gertrude Hawk, Romolo's, (Other Regional Favorites), and Hershey's Pots of Gold is finally over. Let us rejoice and be glad!
Third: No family members have been murdered. This doesn't require much explanation, because I'm sure you all understand. I head back to Erie on Sunday, with classes starting Monday, so I feel confident there shall be no deaths this Holiday Season.

Three little things. They go to show that it really is the little things that matter. Even big goals need to be attained a little at a time. No one writes a book in a day (unless you are Super Writer-Woman - oh, you've never heard of her?). So my goal this year is to make no goals. Just to focus on each day at a time and the little things that go with it.

Though I suppose the goal of making no goals is still a goal. Perhaps I should say I "promise" not to make goals this year?

Does hoping to meet school deadlines count as a goal?

Anyway, I hope those of you that did make resolutions do reach your goals and don't fall into any of the traps that I've gotten stuck in myself in the past. But if it doesn't work out, remember each day is a new day and it doesn't take a new calendar to start something brilliant.

Happy 2013!