I am alive.

Hello lovely readers. I want to apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth again. This time I really have no good excuse - no illness or inability to connect to the webs. Instead, I've simply been incredibly busy. Colleges have these little things called "recommended academic plans" that are designed so students don't get overwhelmed but still manage to graduate in under a decade. Since I transferred in my "junior" year, my RAP is incredibly confusing, and involves me taking ~20 credits from 8am to 5pm  (or sometimes 7pm) Mon-Fri this semester. There is also this little graduate school requirement of extra-curricular activities. I joined another sorority (a service sorority!) and the biology club, as well as signed up to to TA for an ecology class and do undergraduate research for a microbiologist... and applied for an RA position for next year.

Next semester won't be nearly as bad. Actually, I only need to take the minimum credits (14-15) for the rest of my college career! But still... this semester has not.been.fun. Who'd have thought an extra 6 credits would be that bad? Not me, because I'm silly.

In addition, I sort of lost all will to interact with human beings when I 1) started dating my boyfriend and 2) dealt with that boyfriend becoming my EX-boyfriend. Needless to say, I have more experiences to work from in my writerly recipe box (and if he is reading this - no, I won't make you infamous in the YA fiction world. Not even near published yet, so no worries).

Writing wise, I've edited an average of a line a day. Not bad, considering I don't even get to sleep. Not good, considering this book was supposed to be completely finished before I even moved into my school apartment on August. 26th.

So now that all that is explained, I'm looking forward to making some less dramatic goals in blogging and writing than I've made in the past. I'm not going to promise to blog 3 or 4 times a week like I somehow managed in the beginning. I'm not promising myself to finish editing this book until Thanksgiving break when I have time.

Oh, Thanksgiving break... now I must close this blog post and go run in happy circles...