Romance in real life!

What do you do when you go through what you write about? You do the same things your characters do, if you are any kind of a writer - and yes I know that should be switched around to say your characters should go through the same things that real people go through and do the same things real people would do, but despite having written about this stuff for awhile I'm finally having my first real-life experience.

You can get a hint about this post from the above paragraph, if you know that I write romance. YA romance, true, but still romance.

So yes, I'm in a relationship (it's all official on facebook!) and it is definitely affecting my writing in both good and bad ways.

While my man and I are taking it slower than many characters would, the emotions are essentially the same. The first date awkwardness, all the crazy thoughts and fears... I can get in the head of Mari, or Riley, or Kate - all MCs of mine who have gone through similar times.

But while being in this relationship has definitely improved the quality of what I'm writing, it also has some drawbacks. Sorry, Mr. Man, if you are reading this, but spending time with you really does cut back on the time I can mess around on the internet and pretend to write (it is called networking, people). It also cuts back on actual writing time.

It reminds me of a scene I once wrote; in which a character moaned about homework piling up, or existing in an over-due and miserable state, because of her new boyfriend.

Just like that MC and her homework, I've sort of let my book go. And I apologize to everyone for that. I've also sort of let TWFT go. And I apologize even more to everyone for that, particularly Linda.

Between two jobs, summer courses, getting a little sick there a few weeks back, this relationship... it's been tough to balance it all. That is why I've scheduled myself! A schedule that will increase in awesomeness once I'm at school with a better schedule.

The schedule includes finally finishing edits by tomorrow. (Seriously). I'm debating another beta round but that will depend on how insane I am tomorrow. The schedule also includes reading a textbook to prepare for a chem course I'm taking, reading an actual published novel, working, dropping my brother off at college, packing to go to college, dating, blogging, and everything else. But the big starred items are my book and TWFT. 

Note: I just broke a nail here at work and I'm sad.

I'm going to begin my schedule as soon as I hit "publish" and fold a load of hotel laundry, by punching out some wordage. I may let myself have a bag of M&Ms to increase productivity. 

Note: Now I'm sitting here wondering how to end this blog post well, and that is decreasing productivity. I should probably just hit publish!

So: the end.