Teaser Day!

As promised a long time ago, here is a wee snippet of the new, currently untitled, WIP.


Peter instantly looked uncomfortable, and I knew what he was thinking. It was what everyone thought when they saw Elena and me together, especially when we were dressed alike. Had he actually been talking to Kate? Or Elena, pretending to be Kate? The next thought was probably that we wouldn’t do that, we wouldn’t pretend. If he only knew.
“I didn’t know she worked with you.”
“Uh - yeah, yeah she does,” I said quickly, feeling sweat start prickling over my skin that had nothing to do with the heat.  “Can I talk to you later?” If I could, I would talk to him forever. Talk to him until somehow he realized I liked him a lot and that we were perfect for each other. But I had to figure out what she was doing here…dressed like me…today, asap.
He couldn’t see this, what Elena and I were doing.  He would never respect me. I didn’t even respect myself much anymore. “I’ll see you at the meeting Monday,” I finished, “don’t worry about Saturday. It will go great.” I stepped back a couple paces as Elena slowed down beside us. Time was up.
He nodded. “Yeah.” His voice trailed off.
“Hey, Kate.” Elena got off her bike and kicked down the stand. “Hi, Peter.”
“Hi, Elena,” he muttered. Then he gave me this look I couldn’t interpret and finally started walking away.
“What are you doing here?” I hissed at my sister.
“Look, I really need the money. So let’s just do this one more time.”
“You say that every time.” Even as I said it, Elena was removing my nametag from my shirt and pinning it to her own blouse. 
“Well, I never know when I’ll need money,” she said – as if that was the perfect excuse.
“You should get your own job.” How many times had I told her that? A million? A hundred million? 

And... that's all for now. Draw your own conclusions. ;)