I'm enjoying a rare writing binge lately. You know, when everything is flowing so well and it feels that you can never slow down and all is fantastic.

I find that at the end of these binges, the writing isn't as good as one thinks. But the old adage of "you can always edit" is a huge player here. Because it is the truth. You CAN always edit. There is no law out there that says you need to make something perfect on the first try.

There is also no law that states editing should be an easier or shorter process than first drafting.

These are the thoughts I keep in mind this week. I mentioned in my last post that I'm finishing a round of edits this week. Hopefully these will be my hardest edits, because they are involved with the plot more than flow or even characters. Sticky plot holes are always difficult. But even as I hope for this, I realize that I shouldn't have expectations for myself here. I should just enjoy the process of doing whatever it takes to make this book as close to perfect as I can.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the binge. Adding a necessary scene has never felt so fun before.