Crazy week of craziness.

Hello everyone! Guess what I'm doing today! I'm going to court.

Note the excitement. This is because I've never been to court before. Additionally, I'm not going to try and defend myself against anything. I'm actually there to hang out with my friend's kids while my friend is at a hearing (she also didn't do anything wrong - promise).

So plans for the day: babysitting at the courthouse. 

I love courthouses. All the courthouses around here are so old. Actually, my mother used them in an architecture class she took a year or so ago. While I've never had the opportunity to go inside, I've toured the "grounds" around them and read the signs and saw the statues and "oooh"-ed over the grandeur of it all. I'm very excited to go inside one. Most likely it will smell like old wood soaked in human sweat. At least, according to the books I read that feature courtroom scenes.

I can already tell it is going to be an experience I try to incorporate into a story.

Other than that, I'm finishing up some edits on my WIP this week! Then they shall go to a beta round and, this time, hopefully be ready to send off to agent o' awesome Natalie. This is my first time writing a mystery, though I've read so many of them, and I find the details are harder to work out. Some things I think are super important and end up just confusing people. Other things I find silly to mention but make a huge difference in a character's motivation.

I'm also hiking, participating more actively in TWFT this week, and working non-stop as usual. I am just happy that my summer classes are over!

So this is just an update on where I am right now. Once again, blogger didn't post some scheduled things this month, so I'll be logging in later to post awesomeness. Until then, ciao!