TWFT is back!

Shiny people who read this blog!

Hark! I bring good news!

Teens Writing for Teens, the epic site for teenagers who write YA fic, is back!

I know you want me to stop talking about it and just give up the link, so here goes. Favorite it, bookmark it, follow it, do whatever you have to to stay on top of the awesomeness:

From this site you will find links to our TWFT Blog (where all the day to day awesome occurs), TWFT Facebook page, and TWFT Twitter.

To those of you who doubt, here are 3 reasons why you should visit this site or even make it your homepage:

  1. Teens are fabulous writers and have a lot of great thoughts about the industry. We regularly feature guest teens who write fiction, poetry, and especially non-fic posts about the craft. Even book reviews! If you are a teen, you can find our submission guidelines on the blog!
  2. We have interviews with your favorite authors and agents! If you want us to interview someone particular, you can even drop us a line through our contact form on the site.
  3. We are having a giveaway soon! Think jellybeans and gift cards. You know you want them, so visit the site regularly this month for the announcement!
 Now you have to admit you are a true believer.

See you back here soon and on TWFT now!