I recently sent my WIP, The Breakup, to my agent of awesome Natalie Lakosil. Since then, I've been dabbling at the plotting and planning and generally gushing over a new WIPpy concept while cursing a sinus infection that was sucking away creativity.

Now that I'm better (yay!) I've embarked on full-fledged plottiness and writing-ness. I've developed a story I love with a hook I believe in and an interesting twist. Siblings are creatures with so many layers. I want to write about them.

When I think of siblings, I think of my brothers. I think of how we are vastly different individuals but how we somehow work well together in our strange family unit. I think of the different personalities and how we can't help but love each other because we are in this until the end, and I then I think of how I can mess with those bonds.

Not with my own siblings, of course! But fictional ones.

If I couldn't trust my brothers, things could get messy indeed. Messy is attractive, in fiction. It leads to drama. Drama leads to long nights of epic wordage as the more emotional scenes of a story reach soap opera proportions. Even more drama would exist between girls, in my opinion. This isn't something I could really attest to, since I don't have any sisters (except agent sisters?) but this is the drama I've been looking into as a starting point for this new YA.

This book will include all the beauty of romance and all the mystery of... mysterious happenings... and all the drama of sibling relationships - and I'm super excited.

In order to start the celebration, I bring to you the first thing that popped in my head when I typed the title of this post, "sisters." It doesn't have much to do with the actual topic of today's post, other than these peeps are sisters describing their unique relationship. It is an edited version, which might upset the fans of this segment, but youtube is seriously lacking in the "Sisters, sisters" department.

Plus it's catchy!

(Ignore the boys, unless you've seen the movie - you should have! In this case, go ahead and laugh. You know you want to!)