My Stories Suck!

Today is one of those days. I think, as writers, we all have doubts. We don't like our characters, the writing seems flat, there is no way on earth any amount of editing will ever make this monster of a scene look like the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day.

Oftentimes, these doubts are just plain stupid. They are based on nothing but our own insecurity. We get over our insecurities and realize that the characters have merit, the writing needs just a bit of practice, and the scene has heart - if not perfect skin tone. Sometimes we even realize we are beating ourselves up over nothing at all. The characters are great! The scene reads just like [insert favorite author here]'s!

 I tend to think my writing sucks. I hate how I write. My very style needs fixing every step of the way, or so I believe. Then someone reads the piece of crap and tells me I have great voice, my writing is good... and while I don't believe them I push forward with faith in their opinion. Sometimes I think I concentrate so much on the writing that I forget about the other things, the plot and the characters. Whoa! Seriously, Race? People can get away with bad writing if the plot is unique and the characters engaging! So I then start to struggle with the characters and turn them into people I'd love to meet in person, if not strike up long-lasting friendships with.

But then there are those plots. Those sticky plots with all their holes and facts and things happening in order and reasons for them that I have to explain because readers don't understand things like I do (deep breath after run-on sentence). The world in my head has to make it on paper and the details of it all can be confusing enough for me to unravel, let alone explain.

Coming up with the plots is even harder. I can entertain myself in my head just fine, but to find a plot that would interest other people? Sometimes I even think "if I can't come up with stories, why am I writing? How have I gotten this far?" I envy other writers, not because they are published or famous or have huge movies based on their novels but because of the creativity and the brains behind the pages.

Today is a day I struggled with my lack of creativity. I have a general theme, but can't punch out the details. When I try to brainstorm with my writing friends, I can't even explain what I'm thinking to them so they can help.

"You want to write sci fi?" They ask, shocked.

My brain screams "No! At what point did I say sci fi?"

I never said sci fi, but this goes to show how confused I can get.

At times like this, it is helpful for me to remember this has happened before. Mari Abdo popped out of a bad plot year like this, and maybe I should just follow every lead my brain brings me until I find the next thing I can't leave behind. But while this seems logical, the reality is that moments like this one suck and I want to write the odd mass of kinda-story/kinda-nothing floating in my brain right now. This whole writing thing can be so frustrating!

So yes, it was one of those days. One of those days when I kind of go through the motions and hope for the best. Maybe a nap will help, maybe a walk. I ended up rearranging my room, so at least my frustration went into something useful!

So that is what is going on with writer Race today. What is going on at your desk?