Adventures in Data Entry.

Today I shall discuss my day job (one of them), which is data entry at the worst company ever.

Actually, it isn't so bad. But the data entry itself is bad.

So... adventures in data entry... there aren't many. Today I probably experienced my first. Mostly, I enter data. And surf the net over lunch like it is my only connection to real life. At 4:59 I grab my bag and I am out the door faster than I can say "See you guys tomorrow."

Sometimes I do school over lunch.

Sometimes, I write.

Today, the most adventurous thing that happened is that I wrote a little bit. Or so I thought. When I looked up, expecting to be fifteen minutes into my lunch break, it was already 2:30pm.

Whoa? Whoa.

Something about writing and being paid for it is kinda cool, guys.