Trust No One Day

Today is April 1st. What does this mean? This means we are supposed to lock ourselves away in our rooms and pull the covers over our heads. Don't answer the phone. Beware your so-called "friends and family" who are supposed to love you but are overcome by some sort of fiendish possession on this day.

Take this advice from me, Race, who true to form has (until this year) never really been pranked on this day. Rather, I do the pranking. But I was pranked last night... for the first time... by Microsoft Word. There is nothing more terrifying than momentarily losing all your edits because your own brain tricked you into not hitting save. Thankfully, the edits were still there. But half a minute of utter horror is not fun.

Now that I consider myself an expert from both sides of an April Fool, you are right to heed my warnings. Trust no one. Just don't. You'll be happier if you don't.