Do I like?

I think I do...

If you have a blog through Blogger than you probably know what I am talking about. It is this new format they've got.

To be honest I like the options given and feel a little bit more like I'm typing in a Word document than the annoying post-box Blogger used to have. Yes, good things!

This so wasn't what I planned to say today. I was going to come in and write one of two posts:

  • A long sad post about depression and how UNCUTE it is (unlike cute clouds in TV commercials)
  • A short happy post about edits being done and read-throughs. I love read-throughs. 
Now that this new Blogger is here, I don't know what to do. I'm confused about my feelings. I'm going to write them both and schedule them for later.

For now, I like this new Blogger. Oh, and you can take my post ideas for truth. I do believe depression is seriously un-cute and I am done with these edits, with just a read-through left!

Oh, it is sunny! I like sun. Me gusta el sol!