Spring Break and Goal Setting

I think anyone in college looks forward to that one week break in a semester. For fall it is Thanksgiving. For spring it is the infamous "spring break." We've all heard the stories of the crazy crap that goes down in break hot spots like South Padre Island and Miami.

I tend to be the most conservative human being in any group of college-age peeps. My dreams for spring break are usually reserved. "Sleeping" is number 1 on the list and number 2 is reading a good book.

For this particular break, number 1 was edits. I am not exactly stressed out of my mind at college this semester. It is actually really relaxed this fall. So I have time to write. But I'm excited about The Breakup. I feel like I can make it something incredible. It is turning into the one, that amazing work that consumes me. I thought I'd reserved that slot only for The Virginity Thief forever. How could I forget a character like Mari Abdo? But Riley and Derek are so incredible on their own and now I've gone off on a tangent. The point is that I was looking forward to writing. And even getting a head start on the rest of the semester. And reading. And blogging.

In the end, I realized how dangerous goal setting can be. My body had other ideas for spring break. Generally, my body wanted to sleep. Or veg out in front of Burn Notice on Netflix. I started feeling guilty about not studying, exercising, or, yes, writing. And when I feel guilty I tend to just dig deeper into my miserable existence of nothingness. I moved from my bed to the couch and became a couch potato. Do they call us couch potatoes because of all the chips we eat? It seemed so during break.

By Friday of the end of break I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to be back into my routine. Routine is everything. When I finally got back to my apartment on Sunday, I got more done in that single day than through all of break. It is now Tuesday after break and my apartment is sparkling clean (which includes desk organization), edits are well underway, and I'm confident I'm going to ace the rest of the semester.

I know there will be dark moments in the next few months. If my history is any indication, they will be caused by my expecting too much. And I'm not saying that goals are bad. Just that sometimes, most of the time, we should not let ourselves be dragged down by them. They are supposed to be inspiring.

My break was pretty bad, but I know I have nothing to blame for it except my own expectations or it. But instead of letting it get me down anymore I'm looking forward.

Because it is Tuesday, I was going to post a teaser for The Breakup. Instead, I'm talking about... this. I might post a teaser on Thursday instead, and then we are back to regularly scheduled programming. I hope you guys enjoy it!