A look at my men.

So lately the news is full of women. Sandra Fluke and women's rights are on the TV every time I turn it on, or on facebook every time certain friends share an article or catch me on chat, and don't let me get started about Twitter. Despite the fact I'm a woman, I'm starting to think I want to hear some more about men already. And my favorite ones, at that.

For instance, the guys in this show:

I don't pretend to know the actors of course. And if I did, I don't pretend I'd like them. Lets get real though. If you are a writer or reader of any kind then you know how important characters are. They become real, and sometimes become part of your life. For TV shows, they become part of my life as I await the next episode to see what happens to them next.

Neal Caffrey is kind of cool is a slick untrustworthy sort of way and this fellow below is also all kinds of awesome:

I've been obsessed with White Collar for far too long. But I have more obsessions that far outweigh my love of these guys. Like Fringe! And the guys I love do not include just Peter Bishop:

Mostly it is Walter Bishop. I love him. He makes me laugh. He is smart and has an awesome lab and love of sweets:

And the best character I've ever come across is this guy below. Of course we've had so many years to learn about all his "quirks." Oh, to have a character exist in my writing life for as long as The Doctor existed so character development could produce something as amazing as this:

With these men, along with the men from Sherlock, and House, and Person of Interest, and the real life guys like my brothers and the cute guy who works as a walmart cashier down the road, I'm really lucky. So I celebrate them today. Today is Race's men day. Cheers!