Little Adventures.

Today I had a great adventure. Today I decided to print out The Book (oh my gosh The Book has the same initials as The Breakup. How's that for names?). Today, I reached down into the lower regions of the desk and discovered something shocking...

We didn't have enough paper.

But solutions came. Not in the form of running out and buying paper (come on. I'm lazy) but in the brilliant realization that there was a "print on both sides" option and I did have enough paper for that. I clicked print, happy that all my problems were fixed.

To my shock, of course, the printer decided to only print the even pages. I stared at the machine in horror. What was I supposed to do with only the even pages? Google mocked me. "You have to turn the paper around and print again," it told me. But what did it mean by "paper," exactly? Each individual page or the whole stack? It wasn't coming out *right* for it to print the whole stack, or so I thought. I suddenly wished I wasn't on break and I could just run down to the Hammermill computer lab at Penn State Behrend and use the massive machine smart enough to print on two sides automatically.

In short, this lolcat sums up my feelings:

No, I didn't forget to put in the lolcat. The sad fact is there is no lolcat that could sum up my feelings.

I felt this pain as 136 pages popped out (I had to also reduce the font to manage my paper shortage).

Then the even pages finished printing and my mini heart attack began in earnest. But a pop up informed me I should flip the whole stack, at least, and just re-insert. I did this, checked my progress against the diagrams provided, and held my breath as the first page printed.

It looked okay.

I checked every single page that came out. They all looked okay. When printing was finished, I placed The Book on the desk and flipped through every page. They flipped okay. I could breathe again.

I jumped up from my seat at the desk and treated myself to a Hershey's Chocolate Nugget. You know, those tiny bricks of awesome. I got myself some water and drank the whole bottle like celebratory champagne.

Then I decided to blog about it to share my joy. In short, I wanted to share my feelings. If you look at this "lol" you will feel the squee I feel looking at my newly printed booky:

How is that for an adventure for you? I'd rather not suffer from such adventures in the future.