Let's All Welcome Vinny!

Say hello to my new writing buddy and muse.

His name is Senor Vino. Or Vinny, for short.

Other stats:

He's a betta fish.
He's actually a male veiltail betta fish.
He doesn't like being in direct sunlight.
He enjoys specially formulated betta fish food.
He prefers his water treated with betta+ treatment liquid.
He likes to stare into your eyes.
He's adorable.

If you look closely, you can see he's staring at you.

Vinny does not, despite his name, like the show "Jersey Shore." He much prefers The Big Bang Theory and Friends. His favorite music is the soundtrack of "Big Night" - he loves movies about Italians. He does not like to talk about his days in the mob.

Vinny offers a rare opportunity for me. He will be at my side as I type but will not draw me from my work. I typically dislike distractions while writing or editing. That is where his dark, silent companionship will help me. I will have someone at my beck and call to discuss troublesome plot points with, but he will not be annoying.

Also, he is beautiful to look at.

I welcome Senor el Vino to the family. I will of course update you with his status and aid to me throughout the coming months... into the years of our long and happy partnership.

Say goodbye, Vinny:

Love and hugs,

Race and Vinny