My Brother. In the Shower.

Weird how inspiration can come at the most unexpected moments. I always knew a brilliant idea could come from an overheard conversation or from watching other people go about their day, but when chilling on your own couch with your old laptop talking to a good friend the way you do every day? Not exactly the setting for that lightning bolt of awesome. But the other day while I sat there typing away, I heard the water running in the shower, and then a voice... at first I thought maybe my brother was on the phone, but the phone was sitting right next to me. Instead, he was talking to himself in the shower.

Of course, I wrote down everything I could hear in IMs to my good friend Greeny, here are some of the best bits. My brother's shower-speak is in italics.

rmercaldo: My brother just said "power wash... then... b****" from the shower.
rmercaldo: "Ahh!... Not... funny"
rmercaldo: Then the ever-popular, more pronounced: "D*** it! Rachel! Get me a towel!"
rmercaldo: Now... "seriously?... I don't know how.... I don't even know what that means..."
rmercaldo: Now he keeps saying "ACK! Ow... that hurts... OWWW... MOTHER"
rmercaldo: Followed closely by: "Oh no you didn't"
rmercaldo: And more "OWWWWW"
rmercaldo: What is going on in there!
rmercaldo: "seriously!"
rmercaldo: Okay.... "Can I drive? F***."
rmercaldo: Then... "Y'EAH!"
rmercaldo: Now he's apologizing to someone.
rmercaldo: "If you insist."
rmercaldo: Oh gosh this is so good.
rmercaldo: "Now, um,.... actually..."
rmercaldo: He is so entertaining!
rmercaldo: Now he's out of the bathroom.
rmercaldo: "What's up, dog?"
rmercaldo: He's actually talking to the dog. "There is turkey in there, dog. You want turkey? We got lots of turkeys"

Brothers. They can be helpful for scene writing. You know, brothers talking in the shower scenes. The moral of the story: listen, even if it embarrasses someone else.