Last Minute Motivation...

Since I spend my vacation days scouring the internet, I tend to come across blog posts or articles. They can be inspiring, make me laugh, make me toss my laptop, or hit my Doctor Who posters (only in the worst of circumstances - typically political articles). Some of them I don't know how I feel about. The post Last Second Motivation: When All Else Fails is one of those. Sometimes, I can't wrap my head around the advice given in writing blogs/sites, this is one of those times.

Three of the five points do make sense: eating snacks as rewards, listening to certain types of music, giving yourself a pep talk. The other two involve physical ways to wake oneself up or get oxygen to the brain.

These kind of articles usually only prove one thing - what works for someone else won't necessarily work for you. For me, while eating snacks as rewards or pep talks seem smart, they don't work. Music for me can be distracting, particularly since I like to use a voice recorder in those intense moments of "this is what I want to say, now how to say it?" I refuse to dunk my head or the rest of my body in cold water. I shiver at the thought.

So I asked myself. What motivates me?

To be honest, last second motivation for me is staring at my bookshelf. It is not a "I want to be published so bad so bad so bad I have to finish this or I suck suck suck" kind of drooling staring match. It is more of a "look, these people did it, so can you," kind of contemplative stare. Burdens are easiest when shared with another person, or other people times a million. We writers live in an amazing "community." We always seem to be available to each other through our blogs or writers' forums or facebook. Some of my writing friends are available through IM and text.

So *my* motivation? It is to remember all the amazing people and how much help they have been and how they are, however silently, rooting for me from their own desk in their own part of the world.

And I didn't write this post as a "here, try this, it really will work for you" advice article. If you want that go ahead and read the link. Really I wrote this post because I just worked out and I'm in this weird happy sleepy place and I appreciate you all so much.

Now tell me this. What motivates you?