I Punched a Chicken, and I Liked It.

I punched a chicken and I liked it. Well, I was proud of it. Little Race, all of 7 years old, stumbling into the kitchen with fists full of eggs and the the proud declaration, "It wouldn't give me the egg, Mommy, so I punched it." This was my claim to fame at all my mother's get-togethers from that day forward.

Occasionally I reveal the "fun fact" of my chicken punching history. To many, I am just a crazy lady who is on the "most wanted" wall of PETA headquarters. And lets face it, I am crazy and I don't doubt I'm on a "most wanted" wall somewhere... But I still feel I prefer my friend Greeny's interpretation of my past violence.

Me Green: you punched chickens
rachelmercaldo: To get the eggs... duh
Me Green: punching chickens to get their eggs is like
Me Green: Idk, harrassing a plot or character for all the juicy details
Me Green: sometimes you have to get violent to make breakfast
Me Green: it can be funny, and awesome
rmercaldo91: Totally stealing that.
Me Green: steal it

I stole it. Here it is on my blog today. You can add theft to my list of crimes. But it is here for a reason, because we could all apply punching something to how I'm tackling my edits. And, like eggs from the hen I defeated, the results are delicious.

To get us in the mood for more edits: Race's current favorite song:


ps: yes this post decided not to post as well. Evil posts. From now on I'll check to make sure scheduled posts actually post. Sorry (again)!