Stories I Wish I Wrote: A Tribute to a "Wicked" Soundtrack

My mother is an avid listener of Broadway/Show tunes. In fact, it is her favorite kind of music. When she works around the house there is always a soundtrack playing, or a mix playing from Pandora on the bulky speakers she hooks up to her laptop. If we had TV, she'd be watching Glee 24/7.

Today, after sad moments spent listening to the Les Miserable soundtrack, my mother put on one of the CDs I can thoroughly enjoy. The soundtrack to the musical "Wicked."

There is something so amazing about the story of Wicked. And mostly it belongs in the "why didn't I think of that category."

How could something so obvious have escaped me?
How could something so difficult have been pulled off so well?

And of course I'm not talking about just the Broadway show. I have to include the novel as well, and the author, whose brilliance lead to the novel and eventually the show.

Any writer who loves characters and the human spirit and the inner workings of a fictional brain has got to admire someone taking one of the more despised figures of our childhoods and turning her into an MC.

So I give you this video (above) as inspiration. Maybe, like me, you'll be so jealous of the author in your head you'll write lots of words today. Or maybe edit that NaNo novel! (See my agent Natalie Lakosil's Nov. 3rd post about NaNo novels. You'll wish you did!)