End of Semester Awesome Time

So I've made a decision. I am NEVER going to work and go to school full time again. These past 2 years? Not good. Much like this picture demonstrates, I was not happy. Pic:

(No, that's not me and yes, this is the only sad picture I could find that was not of a puppy. Sarah McLachlan, what have you done?)

And actually, it was more than that. I was sick. Very sick. For about a year while I was at Penn State Behrend. That is the reason for my absence that seems to have persisted through this past semester of major recuperation. So through all those apologies and promises that I would start writing again soon? Yeah... false hopes until just recently. I'm very excited to say that I'm feeling better.

Celiac Disease. For me it was a combination of short term flu-like symptoms and long term damage that led to the worst infections in the history of man. 9 courses of antibiotics later, I vowed to never go to the Behrend medical office again. I went to my family doctor. And what did he do? Put me on antibiotics. I'm sure I'm immune to those things from now on.

But this post is a happy post! The title includes the world "awesome." You know how I feel about that word. I was hesitating to write it. After all those empty promises of the past, I didn't want to make another one. But I finally felt confident. So today let me tell you that a couple things are happening. For one, this blog *will* be awesome, and I'm determined to make something of TWFT (on that note, if you were one of the contributors, let me know your e-mail, kk?). My book is almost done - waiting on my favorite beta named Mom. Finally, the semester ends Thursday and next semester I'm taking it slow. No work, only 14 credits. See if I can write the two fab stories floating through my head.

So if you were one of the ones worried about me, don't worry. Rachel is back to health and back to this site and the world!

Peace and hugs and holly for Christmas,