Where in the world...

...have I been all this time?

The answer is difficult to explain. When one leaves the earth in the TARDIS it is always difficult to explain...

But who am I kidding? I haven't been in the TARDIS (I'd be dead from happiness if I had) and I haven't been anywhere exciting. I've actually been sitting at my computer or in classrooms or at work for the past months.

Some new things have happened, for instance I've generally followed the timeline for the book I posted last time. I'm still editing though, because edits take awhile when you have fifty million homework questions to answer, but today I'm hoping to reach the one more draft before next beta round stage.

Other new things include my discovering I love biology. I also bought a dog, then ended up giving it to my mother. I have about 3 guys in love with me at work (which is awkward), and they are all shy (doubly awkward, especially when they all sit around my desk pretending they are all there to talk to each other and not me).

And what else... CHRISTMAS IS COMING. And Thanksgiving, of course. Turkey day means a week off school and more words to be done!

But my update is already done. Really, I am that boring. Maybe when I'm done writing in le' wip for the day I'll write five million blog posts for the future. It is what this blog needs.

Peace out,