WIP plans.

The Book Plan.

I had one of these for VT, and I decided it would be a good idea to have one for the wip. So I am putting up a book plan for the wip for you all to see and keep me accountable.

Unit 1: First Draft.
Goal time: 1 week.
Since so much is already written, I think 1 week is a good amount of time for this. I have several major scenes to write, a few minor ones, and some transition stuff to get out before Unit 1 is complete!

Unit 2: Second Draft.
Goal time: 2 weeks.
So 1 extra week to tweak a whole draft is a little crazy, but my goal is to have a decent enough first draft that more time isn't necessary. The objective here is to have a decent enough story to be happy with. Then we take a little break because you always miss *something.* Betas take over!

Unit 3: Betas.
Goal time: As long as they need - never rush da betas.
Without betas, all my stories would be dead. I think I had 5-7 betas for VT. Every single one of them did so much for the story. If I could get the same ones for this book I'd love it. But sometimes total strangers are the best readers, and that might be how it is for this.

Unit 4: Beta Edits.
Goal time: As long as it takes.
Needs: Lots of caffeine and music. Lots and lots and lots of caffeine.

Unit 5: Send to agent and not stress about baby.
Always the hardest part.

There is it. 5 units. I'm already a little tired. Caffeine now, I guess.