Computer Woes

About a week ago my computer broke down. Well, the computer itself is fine, but the battery went. On top of that, the cordy thing you plug into it started smoking, with lots of sizzling and wonderful burnt-rubber smell stuff going on.

And of course in my WIP stint I'd
forgotten to back up ye ol' IGY
and TB (new wip!). So I was
freaking out.

Freaking out like this woman:

Reminder: Always back-up your WIPs. Even if you do so just by e-mailing them to your mother occasionally.

But back to the story. The only option I could see after this was to buy a new computer because I needed a new one anyway and I didn't want to spend several hundred dollars on just a new battery/cord unit. (I mean, what the heck is up with that price?)

So I went online and ordered an HP through Best Buy. Worst.... move.... ever. The stupid thing took forever to even start up. An then the touchpad wouldn't work. Yes, the touchpad! Like... couldn't point and click on anything! It was almost as if the Geek Squad had touched it. And they didn't!

I took it back. Got a full refund thankfully. I then decided on a Dell Inspiron again. I've had Dells, oh, 2 or 3 times in the past? I can never make them last longer than a year. But this one at least is a Dell Switch, so I can change the design! Maybe through pure happiness and joy of anti-boredom I'll be nicer to this one.

But my story doesn't end there. I still had to buy the thing. This was troublesome because of the Geek Squad lady who didn't know how to ring up an item on a computer. And she insisted on doing it herself. After giving her my address, e-mail, and phone number she still couldn't sign me up for the Norton thing or the free Shutterfly photo book I didn't even want. So I just (very kindly, honest) told her to skip it all. Then the credit card had to get swiped like three times because she still didn't know what she was doing.

Finally I had purchased the item and was able to leave. Not without trying to pull it away from her as she insisted on wrapping it in bags against my will. I just wanted out!

At home I unwrapped it all and found it in one piece. I opened lovely Microsoft Word and wept silently over my lost WIPs. In my sorrow I tried pushing buttons on the old Dell.

And what do you know... it turned on. And the battery was 50% full. I was like "aowetp0q74yt 9q;eop ew8rhpwqe097t 94yt could have just bought a new $20 power cord q9t4 q9pth 024t"

I got my novels off of it, the latest versions in all their glory. Still a little upset about the 600 dollars I spent though... Woe is me.


ps: not sure why Google won't let me put this in normal print. Eek!