Guess what is BACK


Guess what happened today?

One of the most exciting things to happen today!

Posts have appeared (magically!) on TWFT!

I've mentioned TWFT quite a lot on this blog in the past. Some of you might remember how it started, with too many bored teenage writers having too much fun online and then becoming brilliant.

Well it probably didn't happen quite like that. But we did join together to create Teens Writing for Teens (TWFT) and the resulting blog, and while it fell away when some of us got older and moved to college (*cough*) and dealt with our lives outside of the internet, it is back.

So visit TWFT and read some fun writing posts and book reviews and author/agent interviews. Learn about the Twifties who got agents or became published. And realize that if you are a teen who writes for teens that you too are a Twifty, and go ahead and submit you advice or interviews or book review or whatever you feel like saying to TWFT. Submissions instructions are on the site!