Oh Shizzle Cuteness

Cute Roulette has got to be the coolest site on all the internet. I dare you to go and NOT spend hours watching the cuteness. And the cool thing? They are not all about cats! Admit that our society has been rather obsessed with cats recently. My society has been at the very least, ever since the discovery of I Can Has Cheezburger. Cats that talk in butchered grammar that would kill Hitler himself is very much appreciated this side of the computer screen.

But beyond sharing that link I'm not here to talk about cuteness or animals. I'm here to say hello, to you readers and to the beautiful summer months away from campus and homework and papers and exams. Hello to novel writing and long walks and being able to sit back and read a book a day. Blogs will be coming regularly now. I promise! And words will be regularly added to my IGY document. I am very excited by this turn of events. I'm terrified, too. Terrified I'll blink and it will all be gone. Already my first weekend home is over.

I should possibly sleep less. Yes, good plan.

So for now I need to write a good many words so get out of my way, Blog. I'll see you tomorrow.