The Little Things.

How common is it for a reader to know how a story goes, how it ends, and still read it?

I was thinking about this at 5:30 this morning as I was making some sweet and spicy carrots, immediately after finishing another book in a long line of books that will be devoured over Summer break.

And I was thinking it because it is a "problem" of mine. I seem to always know how a book will end by around page 80. And not because I look to the last page or cheat in any way! It does not help that I read a lot of romance (got to read what your write?) and there are only so many ways that can turn out... but it gets creepy when I can actually predict side plots and the the how's and why's of the couple or the triangle or whatever falling in love or getting dumped, and starting their news lives together or apart.

This brings up a problem. It makes a person wonder why she bothers anymore. There are only so many plots in the world (7, in fact) and maybe my questionable prediction skills stem from a lack of unique storytelling. It makes a person doubt she'll ever be surprised by a character again.

But ah, there is the rub. The character. If you think long and hard, it is the character that matters, and the character that takes the plot and runs with it in a completely new direction. And all of this is something writers keep in their heads all the time. It is part of the "There are no new plots, only new ways of telling the same stories," that is like a mantra in any writer's mind. But when you apply it to me, Rachel Mercaldo, you can start to see why I bother to read through a book.

I love the little things. I love the characters. I love that one line or that smile or that one kiss. It is the same for books or movies or television or even radio shows (remember those?). If I know a character and I love them to death - and I always do - I follow them along for the ride for just those little things.

This is why I love books! And if, as a writer, I can ever achieve the same thing for a reader I'll be happy, even if they know the ending the entire time.

This girl in this pretty dress? She dumped her date for the little things. Maybe.