I had no idea what to say so...

I had no idea what to write today but I was determined to blog. So I went to my trusty friend google and looked for a random topic generator. Yes, I have stooped so low.

Here is the link, in case you want to become a bottom feeder like me.

Really, it isn't helpful. I went because I wanted something brief and possibly humorous to tell you all, to remind you all I exist as I stumble down the long writing/editing road. I did not want to blog about Plato vs. Aristotle or even how (shocks!) George Washington was involved in the Revolutionary War.

But these are the topics the Random Topic Generator was giving me.

Then came some more interesting topics.

Fergie's Marriage
The boldest celebrities
George Lucas
The Secret Life of Benjamin Franklin
George Lucas
Martha Steward Jail Time
The most loving characters in all history
George Lucas
Famous artists of the 21st century
George Lucas.

Then you can pick other topics, of course. Get away from "people" and pick "religion."

Religion in Japan.
Is Science Religion?
Religion in the U.S.


Next, a real winner! OPINION. Having opinions on almost everything this was sure to help me out.

Fiction or Non-fiction?
Fiction, duh.
Favorite Place to Eat
Anything with words like "star" "china" "buffet" or "pandas"
Math or English
No Comment

So try it out for yourself. Honestly this thing makes me feel there is no real random. And from the creator of Random day that is saying something. :(